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Webcomic Wednesday!

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic by David Willis, who also created Shortpacked! and It’s Walky, among other things, none of which will be featured here because Dumbing of Age kind of covers that whole sphere.

Dumbing of Age is what happens if the characters from It’s Walky were never abducted by aliens and went to college (as well as the characters from Shortpacked!, who are weird in other ways). There isn’t a continuity lockout, since the characters are developed differently, and Willis has specifically said he didn’t want to rehash the same storylines. If you haven’t read his other work, you can easily still enjoy this.

DoA, along with his other works, has a significant and diverse cast of gay characters or characters who might be considered queer. Many of them were not originally written as gay, but few of them have a traditional coming out story. Robin and Leslie, specifically, had a very rocky start in Shortpacked! where Robin wasn’t sure of her desires. Similarly Ethan in DoA regrets his coming out thanks to the fallout it created and his rocky relationships because of it. Billie, who had been shown as interested in dudes through most of the current run of DoA, clearly has considered relationships or at least sexual relationships with women. There aren’t any explicitly trans characters, but in Shortpacked!, Ultra Car has recently become an android that presents as female, but they deny a specific gender, and is also not interested in a sexual relationship. They have also entered into a relationship with Malaya, who is female.

I also included Amazi-Girl. Because she’s amazing.

It’s a pretty big universe, and even Dumbing of Age is now updating Sunday through Saturday, so there’s an archive to work through. The characters are allowed to grow and develop and even move on, and Willis is constantly working towards a more diverse cast without feeling tokenizing. A lot of its humor comes from very geeky things (usually Batman) and isn’t without its dramatic arcs.

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