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Webcomic Wednesday!

Princess Princess and bonus The Girl From Hell City by Strangely Katie

Princess Princess is a comic about Amira and Sadie, both princesses looking for a happily ever after. Amira is adventurous and isn’t interested in her princess obligations, and Sadie is scared to take on the responsibility and constantly demoralized by her sister.

The comic revolves around the relationship between the two girls, starting with Amira rescuing Sadie from her tower. Their journey together allows them both to be strong and support each other. The comic is meant to be about the strength of women and female relationships, and in only a few pages it manages to encapsulate their growth into the people they want to be and the relationship they want to have.

Princess Princess is sadly ended, but the creator is putting out a new comic called the Girl From Hell City, which revolves around a demon named Wendy, whose city is disparaged and falling apart. It’s not very far in, but the characters are varied and colorful, and the close relationship between Wendy and Freja and offered one explicitly gay character. The art and style of both the comics is really cute the relationships built are the center of the story. A lot of the comics on her website are interesting character studies or based entirely around friendships, which I really enjoy.

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