QUEER KIDZ READ COMICS TOO. Queer identities get fetishized and mistreated by comic creators and fans alike. Queer kids have been creating comics, characters, headcanons, cosplay, and fanstuff since the beginning.

Knights Errant by Jennifer Doyle

Wilfred is a mercenary who, when war starts up again, joins the Errant Knights. There he meets Oswald and Kadeen and quickly gets involved in their drama. The comic balances violence, war, comedy, and complicated relationships really well.

Without getting too spoilery, the main three characters are all queer in some way. Kadeen is the most obvious, having gay relationships pretty openly, and the other characters are explored (mostly in chapter three). Doyley goes into detail as well about how sexuality and gender is treated in this universe.

Knights Errant is gorgeously drawn and the world presented is close enough to ours to be familiar. It’s characters are all struggling with their own problems while struggling with each other. The writing keeps a line between comedy and drama that’s really enjoyable to read. Unfortunately what I’d like to say is spoiler city. Currently on hiatus, but the author has been updating thumbnails to her tumblr, so hopefully updates will follow soon.

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