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Webcomic Wednesday!

Love Me Nice by Amanda Lafrenias

Love Me Nice centers around Mac Monkey Jr.  and his father’s production studio. It follows a mostly toon cast as they try to have a personal life while being under constant scrutiny.

The comic centers around Mac and his girlfriend/manager Claire, whose relationship can’t be public, and Claire is in the middle of choreographing things so that they can be. This parallels his sister Kelly’s relationship with her girlfriend Fran, who are forced to remain in the closet. It’s clear the stress of that is weighing on Kelly, and Fran only goes along to keep her from having a panic attack.

Roger Rabbit was (and still is) my favorite film, so the comic instantly won me over with its premise. While little’s been explored of the toon world, implications have been made to the nature of Toon Quarter and “toon jail.” There is constant hinting towards deeper dramas and past scandals that have basically ruined the reputations of the main characters. It updates slowly, but the artist has been making attempts lately to keep it going. The artist also has 18+ comics on Slipshine, and much of the erotica she draws and posts isn’t heterosexual.

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